Fluoroderma Acne: Why Natural Toothpastes | Alert Medical

Fluoride from all the various sources can not only contribute to the fluoroderma condition, but also other more severe health problems such as cancer, arthritis, cardiovascular disease, kidney disease, infertility, dental and skeletal fluorosis, tooth decay, thyroid disease and various different neurological disorders. Fluoroderma testing The best way to find out if you are one of those who suffer from the fluoroderma condition (fluoride acne) is to cut out all the different sources of fluorine that you may be coming to contact with. Generally if your acne is restricted to the mouth, jaw and earlobes, it is possible that you are suffering from fluoroderma. Once fluoride is cut out, the symptoms of fluoroderma should begin to subside. Regardless, fluoride is an extremely dangerous substance that should be avoided at all costs. Papulonodular eruptions aside, the extreme health impacts that can arise from its contact means that you should remain vigilant of any sources containing fluoride.

Benefits of Oil Pulling for Acne | Alert Medical

Acne bacterium to survive and multiply. Without an overly toxic body, the bacteria cannot survive and therefore the body will not produce this inflammatory immune response also known as acne. In previous articles I have touched on ways to reduce the levels of body toxicity in order to combat the acne condition naturally and safely, such as reducing the amount of carbohydrates and sugars that are ingested and instead replacing with organic fruits, vegetables, non-salted nuts, seeds, beans and lentils. Oil pulling is just another amazing way to help reduce the overall body toxicity; by disinfecting and pulling out toxins from an area of the body that is perhaps the most densely populated with microorganisms and toxins. The act of oil pulling can drastically reduce the amount of toxins entering into more important areas of the body, such as internal organs.

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